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The default discoverability platform for
Metaverse Apps, Experiences and NFTs

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The central gateway

to a multi-chain web 3.0

We simplify the way people create and extract value from the

NFT industry by offering streamlined multichain access to
endless experiences and opportunities.

We power the NFT industry


Search Engine

Ludo offers universal multichain discoverability of Metaverse assets, aggregating data from all relevant blockchains into an infinity scrolling experience with incredible loading times.

Web3 Appstore

The unique opportunities of Web 3.0 at your fingertips: Discover apps & experiences and NFT collections custom-tailored to your needs.

Ludo Quests

Reach qualified users & collectors by engaging them to complete entertaining Web2 & Web3 quests.

Building together


Quest Engine

Creators Connectors

Qualify users by asking them to complete simple web2 & web3 tasks

Ads Engine

Creators collectors

Stand out from the crowd and promote your unique creations with Ludo Ads

Developer APIs

Collectors Connectors

Third party Apps can easily integrate Ludo data and functionalities into their own products

NFT Showcase

Creators Collectors

The Instagram of NFT where users can easily create and share individual albums

Social Curation


As an Universal NFTs aggregator Ludo will offer Multichain and Multiplatform Crypto to NFT settlements


Creators CollectorsConnectors

e-Gaming Boards with top games and top players per game

The LUDO token

The Ludo token will be much more than just a measure of the value created by our platform. It will be the cornerstone of a wide and thriving ecosystem built around you, the token holder.


With Ludo Token, users will be involved in all major decisions

Staking and farming

Rewarding our community with significant incentives is central to our vision

Ludo Box

Join the Ludo Box NFT raffle to become the collector of some of the world’s largest NFT creators.

Usage incentives

  • Showcase incentives
  • Trading incentives
  • Social curation incentives
  • Referral incentives




The Spark

  • Start of Development
  • Friends & Family Round



Search Engine

  • ETH, BSC, Solana and Tezos supported



Engine Expansion

  • Add Elrond, Polygon and Avalanche
  • Search Engine Discoverability Algorithm 1.0
  • Pre-Seed Round



Ludo Kickoff

  • Optimizing Cloud Scalability
  • Launch NFT campaign for Creators – Ludo Quest
  • Start Business Development for Projects



Go To Market

  • Launch NFT campaign for Collectors — AlphaPass
  • Add new chains and extend assets indexing
  • Strategic Seed Round



Ludo Ads

  • Start Ads Campaign
  • Start Seed Round


Dream. Explore. Connect.

At LUDO we believe in the power of dreams and in the audacity of dreamers.

We believe that, if we push ourselves beyond outdated categories, conventional perspectives, and artificial boundaries, we can sow the seeds of a New Renaissance fuelled by the imaginative power bursting at the intersection of culture and technology.

At Ludo we don’t simply want to be part of this New Renaissance. We want to shape it.

Today we have the privilege to witness a new chapter of the Blockchain revolution that will transform our societies. This is our time. This is our chance to write a new, defining page in the history of human progress.

At Ludo our vision is to build digital bridges that will lead to the creation of new global communities around shared values and ideas transcending the traditional geographical, economic, and cultural divides.

We want to achieve this vision by making the world of digital assets accessible to everyone, by encouraging a virtuous integration of the physical and the digital worlds, and by facilitating the emergence of a Metaverse that is truly universal, open, and decentralised.

It is a bold vision driven by the belief that, by merging the infinite potential of technologies with the creative superpower of the human mind, we can create the future that we dream of.

We know we can do it because we know that when humanity extends the power of its spirit to the utmost it can make miracles.

And we believe in miracles.



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Our team

Craig Schleifer

Craig has 8 years of experience working for Australia’s leading agencies, including M&C Saatchi.

Justin Stanton

Justin is a creative, specialising in branding, advertising, & digital products.

Tatiana Bergson

Tatiana is an all-rounded business strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Asia.

Roger Dokidis

Roger has provided advisory across a variety of industries for local, international & public listed companies.

Lydia Dias

Lydia is an experienced cryptocurrency expert and technology developer